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Example Mapping Quickstart

Example mapping is a BDD technique for driving the conversation around a story. The main benefits are:

TeamUp Labs' Example Mapping for Jira application provides all the above benefits as well as:

Story Kickoffs (aka refinements, breakdowns, 3amigos) are great opportunities to use Example Mapping. The team should gather together (either in person or remotely) and discuss the story, starting with a blank slate. Anyone in the team is free to contribute to the kickoff by suggesting a rule, which should then be captured. A rule characterizes some of the behaviour the story should deliver. The team can then illustrate the rule using examples. Examples should cover the happy and sad paths, and will help your team identify edge cases. You can have as many examples for the rule as the team can identify. You can create as many rules with examples in the kickoff as the team suggest. If your story has a lot of rules, it may be worth considering splitting the story into smaller deliverables.

How to use the Example Mapping for Jira application

Reorder your rules

You can reorder your rules by dragging and dropping. Sometimes it's helpful to have rules in a specific order.

Drag and drop Example Map

Finish editing

When your team have finished example mapping the story, click Finish Editing. This will return you to the Jira issue view, where you will see a read only view of the Example Map. You can click the Edit button if you need to make further changes.

Jira Issue View

In the issue view your Example Map is read-only and displayed in the same order as in the editor. Click the Edit button to open the editor.

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